Our Premium wholesale e-juice is made in a FDA complaint and from 100% USA Colorado Hemp Grown Plants
CBD Vape Oil Wholesale by Silver Shadow CBD offers pre-made, ready to sell, wholesale CBD vape juice. Our CBD e-liquid price is the best, bar none, in the country for pre-made CBD Wholesale E-liquid.

It's about Quality and Your Safety

All products are 3rd party tested and contain NO synthetics, NO residual solvents, NO heavy metals, NO pesticides, and NO toxic molds. Entourage distributes only NON GMO and Organic Hemp. All 3rd party Certificates of Analysis are available upon request.

Here’s what we do:


3rd Party Tested

All of our products have 3rd party C of A.

CGMP Manufacturing

If your not CGMP then your not worried about your customers health and safety.


Highest Quality Product

There is just no other company that has the quality as we do.


It's that simple from Farm to you all in the USA

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What Wholesale CBD Is - and What it Is Not

Should you wish to buy this kind of CBD oil at Wholesale, you must be mindful that the high quality and the cost of the critical oils depend upon the plant they're pulled from. The quantity of oil made by the plant is additionally a significant issue. This vital oil is the most employed crucial oil on earth. As said, industrial hemp oil isn't a drug, nor does this include enough THC to make a psychotropic effect. Specifically Our Oils have ZERO THC and are 100% USA. Although many people may run into industrial hemp oil by searching for cannabidiol oil (CBD) for sale, Cannabidiol CBD Oil wholesalers must be research to make sure you understand what you are buying and then ultimately selling you own clients. There are NUMEROUS fake VERY LOW QUALITY CBD oil Wholesalers in the USA, many selling CBD Oils from the UK or Canada. Purity Levels of 90% of companies are 17%-40%.

Why Wholesale CBD From Silver Shadow CBD?

Their rates are very economic, especially against other so called “CBD Wholesalers” that are middlemen (Called Brokers) that drive up their expenses. It is a perfect means to save costs as soon as you can by going directly to the farm, and even better able to get all your raw CBD Materials and Private Label CBD Manufacturing, Order Fulfillment and CBD Oil Drop Shipping all in one place. You will not need to give up regular living prices simply to purchase your treatment. Also the advantages of hemp oil haven't been extensively analyzed on individuals, so while these advantages are likely, they're not ensured or medically- established.
You don't need to go the shop in person, which will help you save you some more dollars. To assure you stay away from scam drug stores, refer to web drug store sites Additionally, it is easily found in the local supermarket throughout the year.

Because it's natural components, it's completely safe for using in the mouth. It really is possible to locate the products on the web or at a shop If you desire to acquire CBD hemp oil goods in bulk, please get in contact with Hemp Genix for specific pricing. Hemp Genix Is the LEADER of Wholesale CBD Vape Oil Products. 

Hemp Genix with Business Partners make up CosPro Group and offers you and businesses “Farm to Door CBD™” products for you to sell your own brand. The entire process from the Farm to Manufacturing, to the Drop Shipping and Order Fulfillment is done in one group called CosPro Group.

Execute exceptional research to be sure you select a Farm and Wholesaler that carries out superior services, Registered with the right certifications and offers 100% USA ZERO THC CBD Oils.